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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Listening To: Evanescence
Sorry took me forever to update, was taking time away from here ya know? Well on the jist of things, i need money, badly *le sigh* im beginning to hate myself more and more with each passing day. Ohh and joy of joys....i ran into Peek yesterday. And i realised 2 things; I'm still in love with him, and if i go anyway near him, my heart grows triple its size and tries to leap out my chest.

I SHOULD FUCKIN HATE HIM!! *Cries* He was at Paul's house yesterday, and we went there to pick up some things. And so i hid round the corner out of his view. But then he started asking Mic where i was, and of course, they all pointed him to my direction. So i ran upstairs to get away from him ~_~ Paul, Mic, Rich, Chris all asked the same question "Why do you hate Peek?" Unfortantly i don't hate him. Its been 3years and i still aint over him! Whats up with that *sobs* I've never felt so stupid in my life. He hurt me, bad. I don't want to go into details, but he was supposed to be my friend, i loved him, and he decided to play some sick twisted game where he hurt my purposely so he could just laugh at me with his friends. If i go anywhere near him, i end up smiling *sigh* Your probably thinking im over reacting. But seriously, i was avoiding all eye contact with him, trying my hardest to keep at least 5 people between us, and hiding from him. Plus all i could hear was my heart beat.

Luckily the day was easily forgotten as i decided to get stoned out my face heh. Drugs are never the answer, but they're a darn good solution. Anyway, im guna go and do something...blah...

And Shanny-sama, if you read this, you inspired me (just by being your ever gorgeous self) to make some Haku icons:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
If you want, i can send you the url links, since they look kinda faded on here <33

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