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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Listening To: Evanescence
Well i finally found the Joey-in-drag pictures. I wouldn't have even thought about looking in the 1st series section until Yami Loni and lmn_icons (someone over at LJ) said so ^^;; Well at least i finally got em eh?

Other then that, hmm. Nothing much. Been feeling shitty, but what ya guna do. Once again, i got over-excited too quickly ~_~ I thought i had a job in the bag, but nope. Nothing. So now i just feel like crap. Meh, my own fault i guess. Actually, i don't guess, i know. Everything i do seems to bite me back ten fold. And i'm seriously beginning to get annoyed with it.

I screwed myself over when it came to my exams, and since then things have just gotten worse. The only i got going for me is that i can wrte half decent poetry. And where the hell is that guna get me? I think i might just give up on it. I've been losing that 'touch' lately, and honestly, people don't care about it.

Actually, i was thinking about writing what i really feel/think. But i haven't. Why? I guess this place is just too much for other people now. For ages i've held back on what i say just to keep you lot happy, and not to worry blah blah. So this place might disappear as well. It ain't the safe haven i once knew it as. Its a showcase, for people i barely know.

You know what? I'm turning comments off i think. Most of you don't know me, so all i'm guna get is a bunch of pity comments. And i seriously don't need that atm. Hmm, wonder why i'm writing this at all *shrugs*

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