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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Listening To: Evanescence
No pretty things today, i was barely on the computer yesterday. I never went bowling with Sarah, she had some things to do, and i honestly couldn't be bothered XD I just laid down for hours upon hours just thinking hehe. I did however go out with Michelle, Rich and Paul at night.

Paul has his arm in a cast, and Mic and him were arguing quite abit ~_~ I am soo fucking sick of arguments its unreal! *Le Sigh* But it was fun, we drove around for awhile. And Michelle was trying to be as random as me. I think i was just really hyper last night X3 I kept jumping around in circles and being overly stupid. Paul, Mic n Rich have nicknamed me 'Fruit Loop' -.-; I ain't random, i'm just always in me own damn world haha. Paul confused me with this right hand. left hand thing. I think he actually gave me a headache >.> But that was short lived since i got stoned and then went home to sleep like a baby b^.^d

Neh neh neh neh. I have nothing else to say, YGO is on in 20mins and i will be making extra bits and bobs for your viewing pleasure hehe.

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