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Saturday, April 9, 2005

Listening To: Evanescence
Hello people! Ok first things first, i'm guna bitch, you don't wanna hear it, then just skip this lil part. Once again, i've found a mook who can't fucking read! Can everyone please read the first line of my intro, if you read it, it says "I'm a fan of yaoi n yuri, and won't hesitate to post either on my site. If you don't like it, leave now". I was sure as hell i made that perfectly clear. But apperantly not! Some dick decides to call me gross, tells me to get a life, and then calls me gross again! Of course the silly fucker deletes his post about an hour later, and i don't want his GB entry poisoning my GB. Ack! I'm sorry, but that is just plain annoying. Especially when my 1st line gives a warning of what my site will contain! Moron...

Anyway, i went out last night with Sarah, Rich and Mike. We only sat around Rich's house but it was cool. Rich n Mike were looking thru this magazine called MAX. Its about cars etc. And every few pages all you would hear from Mike is "Ohh titties" hehe. That made me crack up XD Just the way he said it, and how random it was. I'm going out later today with Sarah as well, bowling i think. And shes paying >.< I hate when other people pay! But she insists, and i honestly don't have money. As i said, my dad is away and i can't exactly ask him to come home to give me some money (well i can, but he'll say no, so no point XD).

Because i was out, i didn't get many icons/banners done. But i did get two poems done. They...well...they mean alot to me.

Bid Me This Painless Dream

Send me to my heavenly place,
Where crimson waters are never spilled,
And the grass is greener on the other side.
Let me spread these broken wings,
And find a place i may call my own.
For this cruel reality is choking me,
Weighing me down with long lost burdens.

Lift my dying spirit and bid me death,
For this bleeding heart of mine,
Is over flowing with sorrow.
It's poison slowly killing my system,
Destroying all my hope and courage.
And i can't survive the next blow,
My soul is already shattered into pieces.

Take me to the place where i can live my life,
Without feeling the pain of the past,
Or the dying hope that tomorrow i will wake.
Remove your death grip from me,
I wish to walk away from it all.
To not awaken in your arms anymore,
But to breathe in my own little haven.

My Release

I look over this disaster,
This living breathing plague,
And fall into heavenly sleep,
Where skies are blue,
And grass is green.
Living in this lie is bliss,
And i don't want to hear the truth,
For it might kill me.
Might kill my slumbering lifeline,
Where every sinful deceit,
Brings a smile to my normally somber face.
This dying reality is faded,
Behind forever half closed eyes,
And i wouldn't have it any other way.
I won't allow my only refuge,
To disappear in weakening arms.
Don't try to fix whats broken,
It can't be saved,
For that which is broken,
Enjoys watching it's world fall to pieces,
Looking forward to the day it will break completely.
Until that day i wrap up in fake smiles and blank eyes,
Dreaming that my dreams will be dreams no more.

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Anyway, i'm off people, have a gooden!

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