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Friday, March 18, 2005

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Today i went out and bought .hack//infection. My bro is playing it at the moment. It's kinda like tradition, i buy new game, he plays it first. Not with every game i buy, some of them i made sure i was first to play (ToS) but this one kinda baffles me o.O

I think i might d/l the series, looks pretty cool b^.^d Anyway, other then that not much else is happening. All of last night i was trying to find a picture of Joey & Yami in their underwear XD Why? Well i was guna make a banner for me Shadowlight and Shanny, cos we're nicking the YGO casts underwear. It was guna say "I've yonked so-and-so's underwear" XD I've actually got a pic of Seto in underwear, so i just have to find the other two ^^ (Yes, that was a completely random subject)

Still finding out more neat stuff on PS7, its fun just messing around with all the buttons in there. Well i think i might get back to watching Steve play .hack. Byeee

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