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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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Ack ~_~ *ish very tired* i tried to go to sleep about 3am (yes its late, but i was talking to Mai) and i couldn't sleep. I just laid there bored, so i got up and came back online. Now i'm finding it hard to keep my eyes open *yawns* But i don't know if i can even be bothered to go back to bed, i would have to wake up in a few hours anyway...

Well, i was playing around in PS7 again last night, i have some ultra cool brushes on it now *smiles* and whenever my bro tells me how, i'm guna add more fonts =P So expect to see lots more icons from me. I actually have a bunch done already, but Photobucket is being a complete bitch (Grr). And i can't work out any fucking HTML for LJ. That place is way more confusing then over here >.< But i didn't really sign up there for the layouts, more for the cool communities b^.^d And to share my icons XD *has absolutly no life*

Watched Sukisyo 9 last night, *sobs* it was sad! I won't ruin it if some of you plan on watching it, but i found it sad. (Although very hot at the same time o.O That episode had alot of boys hitting on boys XD). Ohh and i'm glad you all like the PuppyLove theme, cos its staying here for a while. I feel all giddy and bubbly when i look at my site o_O I loves Seto/Joey fluff <33 Anyway, i'm hungry and this post is getting boring, byeee.

Ohh and Shadowlight, you may have to give Seto back his underwear soon o.O Him and Joey want to run off and play, but he wants his underwear back first XD

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