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Sunday, March 13, 2005

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Well i just accidently broke my chair o_O Opps. Shouldn't jump up and down on chairs me thinks. Anyway, hopefully Wolf's Rain will finish d/l sometimes today. Ever since Richard (AKA: Chocobo Gene) got obsessed with it i've wanted to see it. And because i'm d/l the whole thing in one go its taking forever ~_~

Hehe, when i went out last night i found out something that made me giggle. Me, Michelle and Paul were just chatting for hours, and some how we got on the conversation of this guy. Well he got knocked off his motorbike by a van (the biker was about 20 feet away from home), so the biker picks up his bike, calls the guy in a van a wanker, then pushes his bike the rest of the way home. And his wife heard the whole thing, so she came out and says "whats wrong". And the biker drops dead. It seems the adrenline kept him alive long enough to push his bike home XD

But i was thinking about it, and the first thing i said was "Haha, so that guys last words were 'WANKER!'" Haha XD I cracked up. I know it seems wrong to laugh at someones death, but come one, best last words ever!

Anyway, i better leave it at that, since half the conversation we had has now slipped my mind, since i was stoned o_O So heres a poem:

Angels Are Deadly

Today's the day,
Today's my day,
Where Angels appear,
And sing me to paradise.
So take the blade,
Drag it across virgin skin,
Scar the innocence,
And burn the grace.
Let it be known,
That Angels are deadly.

Masacara runs but never stains,
As i spill holy blood,
Let it turn pale wings crimson,
And turn the beauty ugly.
My sweet viagra,
Could never satisfy you.
And my sinful lust,
Could never excite you.
But my painful screams reached you.

I allowed you to become me,
And take away what i never had.
So let it be known,
That Angels are deadly.
As i rip wing from spine,
And allow my blood lust to comfort you.
Because Angels are deadly,
And my Angel loved me.

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