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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Chic n Stu
First off: Thank you to all those who took abit of time to wish me Happy Birthday on my site (even those of you who don't normally visit) ^.^

A bigger thank you to those who sent me Birthday Graphics. (And an advance thank you to those still making em). And also those who put me on their sites ^.^ I feel very loved, and i don't often feel that way. *Gives everyone a big super hug*

Now, i had a great time last night. Me, Trish, Toria and Zoey went to club Extreme. We got to the club about 11-PM-ish. At first it seemed like nothing good was guna happen, we just sat down and talked abit. But then we got on the dance floor and well...danced.

And from there things just got fun haha. I drank 6 shots in total. Got drunk (i dont drink often so a little bit will get me drunk XD) and danced like a maniac. 2 men, one aged 31, the other 18, asked to come home with me o_O But i was pissed and just laughed at em for their srupid advances (i aint no whore!).

We talked to alot of different people hehe. No one would believe i was 17 ^^ they thought i was older haha. Most likely cos the way i dressed =P But thats ok, i don't do this often, so its fun to do this every once in a while.

Anyway, i feel out of it, so im guna go. Ohh and i wanna say a BIG sorry if i didnt make it to your site last night. Morning/Afternoon i was obsessed with watching Air and at Night, well i was out. But you can forgive me this once neh? I'll love ya and leave ya <3

[Edit]: If you need a laugh, or something strange to take your mind off whatever, go this link and play this vid ^.^ i think its adorable:

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