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Friday, March 11, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - How To Be Dead
YAY, Happy Birthday to me ^.^ 17 today, and so far loving it XD I couldn't sleep, but i'm not tired at all. Quite bubbly and i keep singing to myself =P I had Amy ringing me just after midnight singing Happy Birthday down the phone. She wanted to make sure she was the 1st to say it hehe.

My mum has ordered me my prezzie ^.^ Its Photoshop 7 hehe. I can't wait till it gets here, i will be very happy to make graphic after graphic XD *has no life* My dad will more then likely give me money, but because its only 7am he ain't up yet. So not intirely sure on that one.

I got a lovely piccy from my friend AnimeGoth, she drew me a Sukisyo piccy hehe. FunkyDory wrote me a beautiful poem. And it seems my hunni Mai is sending a gift from Amercia. Ohh and i've been watching a new anime lately, Air. Its so adorable =P I love it hehe.

Anyway, *huggles* i'm in a great mood, so i'll end it here before i talk myself to death =P Love ya <3

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