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Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Listening To: Snow Patrol - Run
Thank you to all those who said you'll be wishing me Happy B-Day etc. But it may be abit different now that someones gone.

This goes out to someone very special to me, Bonus Meus Diligo (Goodbye My Love). Or as she put it, see ya on the flip side <3

The Angel's Fallen

Tainted wings,
Beautiful sins.
The Angel's fallen,
The Heaven's will sing.

Broken grace,
Tear stained face.
The Angel's fallen,
From her own race.

You heard her fear,
Yet you don't hear.
The Angel's fallen,
Oh what a poor dear.

She's in much pain,
From playing this game.
The Angel's fallen,
And to no one's gain.

Darkness has consumed,
Her soul's cacoon.
The Angel's fallen,
Now we're all doomed.

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