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Monday, March 7, 2005

Listening To: MC Chris - BQ Blizzard
Hehe, i was watching Billy Connolly(sp?) yesterday, if you don't know he's a Comedian, i personally think hes great. Anyway there was this one line that really made me laugh. He was talking about when he had hired a hair dryer (obviously from a hotel thing), and he said:

Billy: I hired the hair dryer, and when i got it, i saw it had one of those label things half way down the wire. And when i read it i lost faith in the human race, guess what it said?
"Do Not Use In Shower"
Who the hell was that note for?

OMG i died laughing XD Who the fuck uses a hair dryer in a shower?! The point of a hair dryer is to dry hair (no shit) and the point of a shower is to wash ye hair. The two don't mix well XD Not to mention the health risks haha.

Other then that i just read a PM from a friend, and lets just say i'm quite scared of what she means. *Sigh* i can't say who she is, or what she said, but i am worried.

Ohh and Hiso-Chan you asked for the URL to that pic right? Unfortuantly i don't have the URL, i save everything i find to PhotoBucket and then forget about it. But you can save it from here or something o_O *Thinks* actually, i'm guna be a good girl and go and try to find the URL.

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