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Sunday, March 6, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - Ego Brain
Ok first things first. If you don't like yaoi, please don't come to my site and say "Yaoi is gross" I have said this before, and will say it again, I won't hesitate to post either yaoi or yuri -.-; So if you really deteste it, then just don't come here. Yes i know, i'm pushing people away, but i would rather push people away then get daily comments like "Yaoi sucks" or whatever ok. Deal with it.

Sorry about that, i know most of you are kind enough to keep rude comments like that to yourself, but some people just don't learn. Anyway, atm i have a stinking cold ~_~ I keep coughing and sneezing etc etc. Its completely killing my sleep *sigh* not like i get alot anyway.

Michelle now acts like that little disagreement never happened. I swear one day we're guna have a huge argument and all these silly little things are guna come back, just because we've decided to act like they never happened. I don't know weither i'm coming or going with that gal. It would be so much easier if we just sat down and talked these things through, but nope, that ain't guna happen.

Went out last night (thats why i didnt post) with Rich and Phil. Basically just drove alot o_O But it was cool, i love just driving along roads, relaxes me. We watched a bunch of boys do 'doughtnuts' in their cars. Hehe, these was this guy in a mini van that just made me laugh XD you see all these kitted up cars, then this company van o_O

Anyway, heres a yummy pic ^^ i think these two are so smexy =P

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