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Friday, March 4, 2005

Listening To: Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
Well i just came back from Bexleyheath. I was looking for a job, its bit harder for me since i ain't 18 yet, go figure. But i got 2 application forms, and some info about opening a Junior Back Account.

I'm getting a little annoyed with Amy. I mean i don't have to get a job, this is my choice. But she keeps complaining that i ain't doing enough to get a job etc etc. That i ain't going into enough shops. Well i'm sorry if some shops ain't taking anyone on yet, that really ain't my fault. Gezz. And she kept bitching to me and Steve last night. Ack, she completely killed the good mood we were in about 10 times.

Don't get me wrong, i still love her, but she really needs to lay off abit. Other then that i've had Rich and Phil texting me begging me to come out tomorrow. They probably wanna find out why i cancelled my B-Day party. Plus Phil wants someone else to get stoned besides himself haha.

I had this random Chinese person take my pic today =P Me and Steve were standing at the bus stop, this woman comes over gives Steve her camera (shes luckily we werrn't thiefs) then grabbed my arm and made Steve take a pic of the two of us o_O I guess shes lucky i wasn't in a bad mood XD she would have gotten her head bitten off. But then again, i think i was abit too confused too actually react (seriously, people around here are shits, so quite weird when someone wants ye pic).

Ohh, if your the person who keesp filling up my Shotubox (goes by the name Brittany) you might wanna stop it, the link your giving me ain't working. I just get a blank page, so yeah, may wanna re-check that. Anyway i'm off, and heres Joey in a dress (YUM!)

Hey Sw33tz if ye read this, why ye turn off your site babe? I hope nothing bad has happened ~_~ Ye know i'm always here if ye need ta talk <3

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