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Thursday, March 3, 2005

Listening To: Eminem - My 1st Single
Ok, first thing, if i ever get a GB entry like this:

"......Gay......why......Gay men? Why? If you don't wanna see gay men come to my site."

I will scream and yell at the bastard who dare put such an entry in my GB. I have deleted that piece of trash.

I find that fucking offensive, considering i'm Bi you should show abit more respect. Ohhh and the fact that at the very top of my page it says "I am a yaoi and yuri fan and won't hesitate to post either" READ IT! Don't fucking ignore it then put things like that.

*Cough* Sorry, some people are just complete fucking dumbasses that its unreal. Thank you for all the kind words about me and Mic. Seems Phil is worried about why i cancelled my party, and he asked if i could go see him. But unfortunatly i can't. I'm at my mums for a few days.

Seems Amy (my sis from Uni) is coming home for a few days so im here. Ohh and me and my bro are addicted playing Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. So thats keeping my mind off things heh, although, i honestly think between me and Mic will get worse before it gets better. I've never told her what i really thought, on certain occassions, in fear of losing her, but now that i dont care, i might just tell her. Sounds bitchy? If you know why i have these opinions, then you wouldnt think of it as bitchy i assure.

Heres my fav couple getting all snuggly, and Joey as a puppy (i adore him as a puppy ^.^)

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