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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Listening To: Obie Trice - Got Some Teeth
Well i think i may have lost my only friend, Michelle. Saturday she blew me off, so obviously i was pissed off. And i told her bro that. But i didn't say anything else.

Then me and Rich started talking about my B-Day party, and i was chatting about playing Twister. I said "I don't think Michelle would play that game" nothing harmful, it was just my opinion.

Later on Michelle texts me, starts asking why i'm chatting about her behind her back. So i say "Look, i told Rich i was pissed off at you, but i didn't bitch, what i said was i don't think you would play Twister, thats all".

Then she goes off into one! A couple of texts later, she goes "Look forget it. I can't be fucked anymore". Ok, what can't you be fucked with? Me? Our friendship? Just the conversation? TELL ME! So i cancelled my B-Day party. I was just so pissed off and angry.

And i refuse to say sorry anymore. I am always the one to say sorry, and most the time i ain't the one in the wrong. So its her choice now, she can destroy what we have, or she can save it. Because i'm sick of being her fucking bitch. I always bend for that gals rules, and i aint doing it anymore. But i doubt she'll say anything, she ain't like that.

Anyway, found a song that kinda goes with this messed up shit:
New Found Glory - Ending In Tragedy
I tried to save us
But little did I know
You are a speeding train off track
With little time to go

I tried everything
Tried so hard to let you know
But now I'm on my last thread
Pulling away to no avail

Now it's our time
Now it's our time
And I'll see you on the other side

Beneath all your skin
There's another side to you
You built up city walls
so i never get through

Now it's our time
Now it's our time
And I'll see you on the other side

Why would I take it too far
With not thinking
about the end at all
If a fortune could say
what the future will bring
Then I'm not convinced
It's ending in tragedy
And most of all
It's in my control
To end it all
Things are just going from bad to worse in my world *sigh*

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