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Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Listening To: System Of A Down - X
Well last night i was quite tired pretty early. About 11-ish-pm (believe me, thats early for me) so i went ta bed. But about 1:40am i got a phone call from Amy. I was like "Wtf..? Why would someone call me at this hour?" After answering and talking i've found Amy is feeling really lonely and feels like she don't fit in at Uni.

She was crying as well, she said i'm the only one she can talk too about these kinda things ~_~ I was soo sad. She started saying she didn't know why she stayed there, and said she wanted to be at home when i tried another suicide attempt. It kinda went like this:

Amy: I don't want to be all the way over here when you try to go again. I really don't.

Then she started to break down in tears. OMG, i had to use all my will power not to cry with her. Here's the person i look up to most, crying over the phone saying she doesn't fit in anywhere, is lonely as hell, no one to talk to about these kinda things, and saying she wants to at least be at home if i ever try killing myself again.

She cried about mum's money problems as well. Cos they have gotten seriously bad, so i know i won't be getting alot for my B-Day. Actually i knew that a while back. So i might have to come here to get all my cheers on that day ~_~ So no forgetting my B-Day people.

Ack, that conversation was so hard to listen too, but i would do it all again if it makes Amy feel better. *Sigh* i wish i could be there at Southampton for her, i really do.

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