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Monday, February 28, 2005

Listening To: Blink 182 - Story Of A Lonely Guy
Hehe, look at the bunny XD why in the world does it have a pancake on its head o_O I think that icon rules =P haha. Ohh and thanks for all those comments yesterday *hugs* makes me feel cool when i can tell you people these things b^.^d

I finally have a Yaoi RP up and running XD took me forever to find someone to play Sephiroth and Cloud for me though o_O (i'm playing Zack). I have two of the best RPer's as well, so its all going well hehe. Let's hope i don't get kicked out of LF for making a RP with gay sex >.> *shrugs* they won't kick me off, they all love me *i think haha*

I really don't have alot to talk about, just looking after Paige. Bloody little brat decided to cough all over me earlier. She's guna disease me i swear. Grrr. Hope you like the new theme ^.^

Anyway, heres Seto being harased by Yami n Yugi ^^ hehe look at his hair.

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