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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Listening To: Patricia Kaas - Mon Mec A Moi
Yep, i'm listening to a French song. And its very beautiful may i add o_O I heard it from Richard's site (Chocobo Gene) orginally, and now i'm addicted to its beauty.

Last night, guess what i done? Cried. Alot. I was talking to Steve (Egill Hobob) and i was listening to Mon Mec A Moi, and then i just started crying. I guess i had alot of pent up stress and stuff.

And Steve, being the lil angel he is, just sat there let me cry my heart out over MSN while i started saying how much i hate life. *Sigh* i haven't cried in sometime heh. Not sure if it made things worse or better.

Well other then the crying thing, i got blew off by Michelle again last night. We were meant to be going out, but she never rang ~_~ So Phil and me just went out for 2 hours talking heh. Wasn't all that bad really, just cold.

Well, thats all from me, have fun looking at Joey as a puppy, and what looks like Seto as a lizard o_O (Joey is adorable *glomps him*)

PhotoBucket is being a bitch today, so sorry about all the dead links and stuff >.<

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