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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Listening To: Firestar - Palahniuks Laughter
<--- I love this pairing. Anyway, i don't seem to hate everything at this moment. A few things cheered me up last night but i've kinda just given up on most of it all. Yeah, you know that stupid annoying phase *sigh* blah. Wasn't in the best of moods last night, so if you caught me on MSN and i was a bitch, please do excuse me. Since i have no one else to talk too, i take my anger out on people online *sigh* pathetic, yes indeed it is.

Well, i did get to watch Naruto 123, and Sukisyo 6. Naruto was great, hehe a drunken Rock Lee is always fun. And Sukisyo, well that thing had me in tears, God damn it. They were Angels (cosplay) and were trying to set up two people by making the perfect atmosphere, lets say it didn't work at all. The funniest bit for me was when Sora dumped the whole basket of rose petals over this guys head then fell on top of him XD

And the other thing that brought a smile to my face was John. Him and Liz (both old friends of my dad) came round last night, i was in the Living room trying to watch something. John came and stood infront of me:

John: Your almost 17 ain't ya?
Me: Yeah, in a few weeks.
John: So that means you can swear in front of people. So go on, say to me 'bolox' and then tell me to 'fuck off'

Ok, most people find it offensive when i swear, and here i am being told by a 40(odd)Yr old parent to swear at him. OMG i cracked up, i couldn't help it. The whole situation was just so weird. So after alot of giggling on my behalf i finally swore at him. He shook my hand and walked off o_O I can just imagine whats going on in his head "Mission Complete, Josie is now a frequent swearer".

And people wonder where i get my foul mouth =P

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