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Friday, February 25, 2005

Listening To: Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug
Well i was meant to be going out today to go find a job. But Trish pulled out at the last minute, joy *note the sarcasim*. I swear people just drop me without second thought. It always fucking happens. So yeah, i'm slightly pissed. I need to get stoned out my face or something, cos i'm seiously considering ramming my head through a wall or something.

Sorry to all my new friends who have only seen this 'happy-sappy' stupid side to me so far. But i've fallen into another depressive doubt (which is just fucking peachy, is it fucking not?!) so you might be seeing a different side of me for a while -.-; Now i sound like some kinda fuckin preacher. Grrr, each passing minute i find something else to be pissed about. So i'm more then likely guna be in a shitty mood for a while *sigh*

And lately, i can't sleep. I just lay in my bed for hours and hours (for up tp 5 hours) doing nothing but trying to sleep. And even after i fall asleep, i wake up early. So yeah, sleep hates me at the moment. These are the times i wish i was back on my fucking pills, they actually put me asleep no time flat *sigh* but you can't depend on pills forever...right?

Well, i'm out of here before this stupid entry gets even more fucked. Laterz people.

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