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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Listening To: Blink 182 - Dysentery Gary
I have a new anime i watch to hoot and holla about ^.^ it sooo reminds me of Gravitation (probably same makers or something like that). It's called Sukisyo. It was orginally a game (well 4 games anyway). But the game isn't sold outside of Japan, well thats what Steve said, but i'll try and find an Amercian/English version anyway ^^

And the best thing about it is, its yaoi XD the game actually has porn pictures to go with it o_O i'm being serious, i think they have sex scenes in the actual game haha. My wallpaper is some of those clips put together =P (if my dad sees it, i'm a dead bitch).

Nothing else exciting, other then its snowing again. I don't think my Dave (cat) likes the snow, the first sign of it and hes meowing at the door to come in XD

"I'm giving up on everything,
Because you messed me up,
Don't know how much you screwed it up,
You never listened

I found this on a fic, and i want to know the actual song it goes too o_O any clue, inform me and i'll glomp ye for your trouble XD Anyway, heres that Neko-Seto i was on about ^.^ ain't he so adorable.

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