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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Listening To: Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
Hey, new theme (once again, d'uh). I like this theme ^^ mainly cos i love the picture next to the Shoutbox. Ain't Joey so innocent and kawaii!! I finally found two of my old fav songs XD Paint it Black (Rolling Stones)and Losing my Religion (REM). Well Steve found em, but still same thing.

Also my bro found this 10inch figure of Sephiroth O.O i so badly want it! Damn it! If i get the money for my birthday i will have to buy it ^.^ Ohh and the snow got alot heavier last night, so fields and shit are covered in a white sheet of snow today ^.^ I think its pretty hehe.

It seems some of you can relate to my babble yesterday ^^ so i say, lets all stick together XD (i think the snowy atmosphere has put me in a good mood lol). Ohh and i have the cutest pic of Seto ever ^^ hes a neko!! I should show it to you ppl hehe

Anyway anyway, heres Seto looking devilishly hot in black ^,^

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