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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Listening To: Curve - Chinese Burn
Haha, i think i cheered myselfup last night pretty well ^.^ wanna know how? I found about 30ish Seto/Joey pics. HAZAA!! I am a happy pappy, also found more icons, that brings me to about 400 icons o_O emm, how the fuck am i guna use that many icons lol. Ahh well, its fun to collect em *shrugs*

Ohh new theme (d'uh) as i said last time this it the Red Rose Joey theme ^.^ i think its alright, althou the pinky colour on the menu bar might get on my nerves after a while *shrugs* when that day comes i'll change it.

Ohh and Broken Blade, thanks for commenting ^.^ you definatly know how to make me giggle XD Hazaa for wedgies lmao. My B-Day is approaching and i have no idea what i want, or what i want to do o_O well i want the whole YGO series, but that will cost about 100 pounds >.< and i'm not too sure my mum has that money lol.

Yugioh Bishie Wedding! (for girls)
by yui-chan
Married ToKatsuya Jounouchi
His wedding gift to youHot sex =D
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Hazaa! I am happy, i get Jou and Hot Sex! Whoohoo XD

Anyway, you enjoy this chibi pic ^^ (look at Seto sing!)

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