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Friday, February 18, 2005

Listening To: Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You
Well it seems Matt found out about me wanting him to lay off. Seems he read MyOtaku journal entry *shrugs* I'm now very pissed off. Why? I hate when people i know (like, in real life) read my personal stuff. I hated Amy when she done it, and now i hate the fact that Matt has.

He came to my house this morning, actually about 30 minutes ago and said "Thanks, i just read your MyOtaku thing". Then he goes off to say things like "I thought i like you, but i didn't. Any why didn't you just tell me to back off?" Ermm, ok heres the deal, i've known him for 4/5 days, i ain't guna say after that short a time "Back off".
From now on, if he reads things on here that upset then tough shit. I come to MyO to vent/rant and just generally chat, if anything i say offends anyone, then not my fuckin problem ok. This is like a personal lil haven for me, somewhere where i can be me, and actually get things off my chest that i wouldn't be able to normally.

Well, i'm pissed, so i'm guna find something to do before i punch a wall or something.

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