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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Listening To: Damien Rice - Older Chests
They licensed Naruto...i'm offically pissed off >.< But thanks to Blonde Angel at least i can watch 122 ^.^ And (if they actually sell these things) i want to buy a Joey plushie o_O hes one of my biggest obsessions, along with Sephiroth and Kratos (although no one will ever be able to replace Sephy).

Anyway, i have nothing new to report. Unless you count the fact that Matt is starting to grate on me. Some of you seem to think we go out, well, no we don't. He keeps ringing me up, and asking me to come on MSN or go out.

And i'm not use to this, i'm a lone wolf. The only time i ever go out is with Michelle, and that it like, once, maybe twice a week. Thats the only times we talk as well. Nothing more, and then suddenly i'm getting all these calls asking me to go out etc. I feel crowded -.-; and i don't like it one bit. I'd rather stay at home, sit on my fat ass all day and do nothing. So i think its offical, i don't want a BF, if its anything like what i've been experiencing the last week, then i don't want one. Simple as.

Sorry to rant ^^; but its been getting on my nerves, and i needed it off my chest. Anyway enjoy this pic, and laterz x

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