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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Listening To: Steve Play Fable
No, there ain't a song called 'Steve Play Fable' but Steve is actually playing that game Fable in my room. He woke me up at 8am just to come into my room to play it >.< i was not happy with being woken up so early.

Yesterday i found out someone i talk to over the internet, lives about 5 minutes away frome me oO;; we know eachother from a forum (L-Factor) and from DA. And so he added me on MSN, we got to talking and then found out we live on the same street >.> lol it was quite weird really. Anyway, other that that, i'm finally downloading more anime, Yami No Matsuei and Gravitation. YAY XD well both have yaoi, so what do you expect lol.

Well, im guna go back to watching my bro play Fable, so i'll leave ye with another YGO pic ^^

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