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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Listening To: SnowPatrol - Tiny Little Fractures
Hehe, look at that avi <-- Seriously, its hilirous XD i had a laughing fit for an hour after that ((yes, i know, i'm sad, i don't need reminding thanks ^^)). Anyway, enough of my randomness, my room is finally done. The laptop is now im my room ^.^ so i can cram as much junk into it as i want lmao.

It seems Michelle wants to help me get dressed for Saturday. We rarely ever do strange girly stuff like this, we don't even have girly convo's. Why? Emm, maybe cos she thinks im more male then female. Yes, Sephy is known as a male to her best friend haha XD kinda degrading, but what the hey. Actually, alot of people i know think i'm more male then female. Not cos of looks >.< but cos of my personality, and what i like. Meh, well i did use to be a complete tom-boy, so doesn't surprise me that people think i'm more male >.>

Anyway, im off to feel my Laptop with crap ^^ so i'll love ya and leave ya with this.

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