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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Listening To: Freefaller - Do This Do That
YAY, Sephy has 10,000+ Hits ^.^ Thankies to all you wonderful people *huggles you all so tight* Haha you know my 1 year anniversary at MyO is on Valentines Day XD I didn't even realise till a few days ago.

Anyway enough of that. The only thing i've been really doing as of late is watching YuGiOh ((hence the huge obsession haha)) and then coming online. Nothing exciting -.-; but Saturday i'm going up London *sigh* Central London can be such a bother sometimes. But hey, i'm going there for Rich's and Mic's joint B- Day, so i have ta go. Really all i came on to say was thank you to ye all *hugs again* so i leave ye with two piccys ^^

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