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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Listening To: HIM - Funeral Of Hearts
Well i spent most of last night searching for more avi's and YGO pics. I got about 100 avi's and 300 YGO pics (although it took a good few days to get em all -.-) so expect lots of YGO stuff around here. And i'm sitting here waiting for my damn food to be delivered before i die of hunger >.<

I got out of tiding my room XD haha. I came up to mums and dad said he'll just move all my stuff for me *Whoop* being lazy always pays of lmao. Ohh and Sw33tz if you want the code on how to do the avi thingy, just ask k hun ^.~ you've helped me with loads of HTML crap, so i can at least re-pay the favour. Well i'll love ya and leave ya, but not without another pic ^.^

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