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Friday, January 21, 2005

Haha, i've been playing around with the HTML and now looky
<---- Cool neh? I can have an avi in each post, and the text is beside it all the way XD Yes, small things entertain small minds haha. So anyway, from now ok, expect an avi in each post ^.^ Other then that, my bro is screaming, yelling and swearing at the computer. No wonder i know every swear word, its all his fault. Ahh ok he just gave up on it >.< haha, me and him seem to have a temper problem, especially when it comes to games, well i ain't as bad as him. At least i haven't broken any computer games/consoles/controllers, and he once put his foot through some glass cupboard haha. Well i'm off to my mums soon, she seems to think im ignoring her. I mean, wtf? Why would i ignore her? Meh, hopefully when i see her she'll stop thinking silly things like that. Well thats it from me again, heres my fav YGO pairing again ^.~

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