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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Ok, my dad is being a complete jackass and i might go scream at him after i'm done with this. He won't ring my mum, even though i have told him several times do to so. It just bugs me when he doesn't listen, but then again i'm always ignored so i don't know why i even bother -.-;

Other then that, NOTHING is happening, i mean seriously. D Sephy would have died of boredom if it wasn't for my beautiful yaoi. Atm, i'm obsessed with YGO yaoi >.> well you probably could tell with the two banners i have below and that adoption thingy i have on my sidebar ((YAY! I adopted my fav pairing)).

And my dad is still complaining at me to clean my room >.< Noo i tell you, i will get eaten by the things that have grown in there oO;; no seriously, even my bro is scared of my room XD Ahh, i love filth (both kinds lmao). Anyway i'll leave ye with my fav pairing ^.~ YAA for puppy love:

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