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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Well i went to a party last night. For the forst 1 or 2 we played with ballons, yes ballons >.> Jim drew faces on some of the ballons haha ^.^ And would ye believe it, they actually got me to drink haha. It was only a shot, but still, considering i've kept away from all alcohol for about 2 years, its was a big thing haha XD wasn't too bad actually, although it did burn my throat >.< The best part was near the end, we brought out some cards and started playing these stupid games. One game you were meant to put down all pairs etc etc, and guess what card i got, a freaking joker, what was i meant to do with that haha. But for some reason, Michelle was crying. I don't know why, and she wouldn't tell me. I feel really bad, so i might have to ring her later and see if she'll tell me now.

Ok now i'm guna go into abit of a rant. None of my friends seem to respect me, i think i found that out last night. Ok well this is how it usually goes when i'm out with them. We always listen to their music, which would be Drum n Bass, Rap, Garage. And i can't stand that stuff, i hate it. But because they all like it, i keep my mouth closed. I very rarely complain. But whenever ONE rock type song comes on, that me Chris and Paul usually like. Phil, Michelle start yelling. Phil and Mic go off into one saying "This grunge shit is depressing. Only people who want to kill themselves listen to it." And i'm sitting there beside them like 'Yeah, thanks, makes me feel so much better.' And when Chris argues back about listening only to the ONE song, Mic tries to put me onto her side "Well Josie ain't complaining." You wanna know why i don't fucking complain? Because no one fucking listens to me when i do! They always just turn round and tell me to shut up, or say i'm on crack (next person to say i'm on crack is guna get a black eye).

Anyway, theres alot more i can add to that rant, but it just gets me all angry re-thinking it. Ohh and guess what else? I found out Jim fancies me. GREAT! I don't want people liking me, and now, hes guna bug me to death. Ok now i'm pissed -.-;

Well to cheer myself up, heres a pretty bishie, Jou from YGO:

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