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Friday, January 25, 2008

Blurgh, i am so tired -_-; I didn't go to bed till 9am lol, i was up Roleplaying all night. Although it was quite amusing, as there were 3 of us all trying to post at the same time, which resulted in several of us muffing up posts due to not realising something else had changed XD EDITED LIKE MAD I SAY LOLZ!

Now, i was guna make a nice attempt at a rather fulfilled entry but my sister dragged me round into town half way through so i'm now tired and can't be bothered, so here's my latest poem instead =) I haven't wrote much in so long so it's nice to indulge in both my old style of poetry and RPing.

Beginnings & Endings

I watch as this world crumbles.
The smile begins to falter,
the lies begin to crack and show.

How frail a flower truly is,
when trodden and forgotten about,
left to fend from the cold alone

The crimson dripping is but a symbol.
How could you not tell?
This is not what i wanted.

And as the star fades for one last time,
I beg you,
Turn around darlin';

give us one final smile.

PS: I recently joined the myO forum as 'femme fatale' give a holla if ya see me =D

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