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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

RANT// Ok what a load of bull.

I just got a PM saying one of my wallpapers have been deleted because of 'plagiarism'. Saying i took someone elses wallpaper, edited it, and then submitted it as my own. What? I've never done that in my life why would i do it now? And you know the real jerkish thing, they've told me the fucking date i submitted it, but not what the wallpaper actually was. Ohh cheers, tell me the date, which was about 2 years ago - when i submitted half my other wallpapers. How the hell am i meant to pinpoint which one is gone? I can't remember which ones were there to begin with!

And not only that, but i submitted a wallpaper 2 weeks ago, nothing wrong with it, got my name, got the right size etc etc, yet nothing. So they manage to delete one of my wallpapers for no apperant reason but they can't upload one for me? Why the fuck do i even bother?


In other news, i've fucked my ankle, stupidly enough whilst i was dancing (thou to be fair its one of the more enjoyable ways of doing it lol) so now im on crutches ;__; My ankle is a variety of different colours n also swollen. So i gotta exercise it and try to walk on it or i could fuck my walking pattern. Apperantly. I think the doctor was over exaggerating. Would ya believe i done it about 1 1/2hr after the countdown for New Year Day lol. What a way to start the new year hehe.


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