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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Yes, i know this is late =) But my family make me spend the day with them on x-mas xD My sister made us all dress up for x-mas day! No seriously! Mum and Amy were pirates (who woke me up at 6:20am!!! *shakes fist*), Steve was a cowboy, i was a bunny, Lauren was a fairy and Becky was Pebbles from Flintstones. Lol @ our pics - i'll post them at one time or another.

So did everyone get what they wanted? Near enough all of my stuff was a surprise (for once) cos my Mum just went out and bought everything didn't actually ask me what i wanted xD

*made by me ^-^

Ohh and as a quick after thought, lately i've been making alot of profile type images (see the Cloud one?) and was wondering if anyone would be interested in using them? Should i start placing them up here for people to snag and use on their MyO?

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