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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm sitting here when i should be at work, i'm technically meant to be ill but its so shitty outside i lied and called in sick when i ain't (i have a 30min walk to work n dnt fancy it lol) =) Yes, i am a bad girl but i'll live with it haha.

Anyway, work has been....meh really, the week before last was hell cos everyone at the garage kept blaming me for stuff that wasn't my fault o_O Luckily Ann stuck up for me everytime, otherwise i woulda screamed at someone and stormed out. But that all seems to have gone now, they're all back to just having a laugh with me. Except Gav. But i don't like him too much to be honest anyway so no matter.

Ohhh and apart from work i have some other news, one of my dear friends is engaged (omg! *squeal* i'll make sure that when the time comes im a bridesmaid *shakes fist* lol). It seems that most people my age (19/20) have either had a baby or are now engaged O_O I'm beginning to feel left out lol, anyone want a Sephy for a wife lol?!

And finally...


I have re-watched first series of Kenshin, up to episode 30-something i think, and have bought the rest of Kenshin off ebay =) Have also re-watched Outlaw Star, and am now 2nd disc into FMA. And yes, i'm still a compete yaoi fan girl and make every male/male possibility happen in my head XD Honestly there's something wrong with me!! (not that i'm complaining...)

So now a question, I need suggestions for anime, i'm into most genres, but do avoid the romance ones o_O I may like the odd romance story but too much makes me queasy and slightly depressed (i don't seem to do too well when it comes to relationships haha).

Well thats all for now, tata <3

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