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Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello everyone =D Wow, erm, where do I start? Well for one quite clearly I never had the guts to permantely delete my site, how could I? Two, my life has been hectic over the past few months, and i truly mean that, not physically but mentally, i am totally exhausted.

Well why am i back? Well..i miss alot of you honestly, a few in particular that ive been naughty too and havent kept in touch with, but to be honest with ya, i've barely touched the internet for months and months, don't go on MSN at all, and i've only recently just started using Photoshop and LJ again. But i wanna see if i can come back here and feel like it use to for me, see if i can make those bonds back to how they were, possibly even stronger.

So if you wish to ask me questions, about what i done, or anything else you may feel like asking me fire away. I've certainly missed reading up on comments and posts!

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