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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wed. January, 10th

Divine EleganceBe warned, this is a long rant concerning myO: Alright, this nonsense around the otaku has to stop. I am tired of chain letters being sent through PM's. I am pretty sure spamming is against the rules for the otaku. Am I right? What's more, I get chain letters from people I've never even met on myO before.

I'll ask everyone's opinion on this. So I get a stupid chain letter through PM's. Nothing new, I literally can get half a dozen a day from morons... add this to the large amount of PM's I get anyway, valid ones I might add, about clubs, help, or the mentor's program. Whatever.

Back to the point. I am tired of dealing with people who cannot follow the rules of the otaku. So I admit, I'm starting to get an attitude with these people. So I get an attitude with said chain letter sender. Who is breaking the rules. Sending me spam. To my personal account. And I don't know them, at all. Never even seen the username before. My question is, do I have a right to get an attitude with said user?

Because I think so. People know everyone hates these things, yet they insist on sending them. Why, I'll never know. Heh, and now said user sent a PM back. They were most displeased with my attitude. Something like, “don't blame the messenger, blame the creator.” Well pardon me, but the last time I checked, this wasn't the Matrix. A program doesn't come out of a chain letter and hold a gun to your head and force you to continue that chain. This isn't elementary school. Everyone on here should at least be a teenager. Honestly.

Oh but this doesn't end here. They even posted about me getting an attitude with them. Defending their right to spam. Would you like to read it? To coin Evil, it be [hurr] yo.

And may I point out, in almost four years of being on theO I have never singled someone out negatively in one of my posts before. Never. Anyone who knows me, knows it's uncharacteristic, but I am sick and tired of this shit. And as we know, I don't strike out without being provoked either. But I am still going to use this as an example. If you want to complain about someone publicly, then everyone has the right to read. And I have the right to defend myself.

So why if they are spamming me, should I be made out to be the bad guy here?

Because we demand more Firefly

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