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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Fri. December 19th

Divine EleganceOh man, the alienware computer came today! Sweet. I'll have to have John take a pic of it, or something. Cause it looks like this huge blue alien head and it's got LED lights that can change all sorts of colors. Its awesome.

Bah, but what isn't so awesome, is in the switching files around between computers I lost some of my stuff. And it's totally my fault for deleting it, which makes me pretty mad at myself. I'm retarded, wah. I lost all the anime on my computer, some of my sound files, including the FMA soundtrack, grrr, and all of my graphics for white-satin. Which majorly sucks. Along with all my textures, brushes, fonts and a lot of other stuff I'm sure I'll remember later and get pissed about.

So I know this is probably a pain for you guys, but anyone whose ever sent me graphics, I think mainly icons from people, could you resend them to me? I'm sorry to ask people, but I had them saved, and in my slowness to get them up on the site, they were just deleted today, so they're gone. Sorry again to ask poppets, but could you guys PM them again? I'll grovel if you want. =P

I finally got to see Eragon and the FMA movie, but I'll talk about that next time, since this post is probably already getting lengthy.

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