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Monday, December 4, 2006

Fri. December 4th

Divine EleganceGood morning all, or evening, whenever you read this. Another late night and early morning, boo. I just had to open my big mouth when it was 70 degrees out in December, and now it’s like 30. COLD. I hate it. I hate the cold, and I hate winter. I don’t particularly like snow either. Unless it’s a whole bunch of snow. Heh, all or nothing. =P

So yes, I’m gonna join in Bells’ campaign here.

Now noob here doesn’t mean “new” members. We’re talking spammers, chain latter senders, and the general jerks in general. You know ‘em, we all have problems with them.

Speaking of which, if someone comes here and reads this page, Bells is off-limits. Got it? So is anyone else to the right there and in my loves section. You wanna touch, tread with caution little girl.

Days remaining until Eragon opens in theaters. . . 11!

Because we demand more Firefly

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