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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Divine EleganceBeen quite a while, I guess I should say something, eh? =P Hmm, what’s been happening? Oh, can you believe it; John just bought an Alienware computer! I mean, a freakin Alienware! For those of you who know computers, you’ll definitely know this name. Very high performance computers. So… his is gonna be blue and as some of you may know, the towers look like alien heads, with the liquid cooled system and all that good stuffs. Heh, and the vents have green lights behind them, so it’s gonna be a blue alien head with spooky green vents, haha.

An Inconvenient Truth is finally out on DVD! So, heh, I had to order it from Amazon… yeah, yeah, too lazy to go out and look for it. Psh, with all the Republicans around here, I might not have found it anyway. o_O

And now… on to my real reason for posting… HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKY!! *tackle glomps* We love you!! I hope you have a splendid Bday! Everyone, go over to Vicky’s [here] and tell her just how much we love her. Now. XD

Days remaining until Eragon opens in theaters. . . 14!

Because we demand more Firefly

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