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Monday, November 6, 2006

Divine EleganceThanks for everyone’s supportive comments. They really are appreciated. I really should just learn to just stop posting when I’m emotionally distraught. Just so ya know, I’m a lot more emotionally stable now. Heh, probably still not as self-confidant as I’d like, but never the less, doing better.

I haven’t done much the past few days except for work, oh joy. But it hasn’t been so bad. Classes start again, hopefully, in January, and believe it or not, I’m most excited about that.

I’m also enjoying changing the music on this page frequently. Oh, and if you don’t like “Dear God”, or it offends you, well then, just don’t listen to it, eh. Cause I like it, and it stays until the whim strikes to change it again. I happen to agree with it, heh, and I don’t need people reaming me for having a god-anger song up. I think I might go with a little Snow Patrol next.

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