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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Divine EleganceWell, as some of you know, I am not leaving the otaku after all. You can thank my kitten for that. Her and Vicky, I suppose. It was your comment on Shadows post, Vicky, in case you are wondering. Shadow and I had a talk. Ah well, after being made to feel like family, Id feel bad about leaving. That, and apparently Id be like dragging other people off with me.

So, to try and rekindle my interest with the O, we have a new theme! That, and its sort of a celebration for 16,000 hits. Thanks everyone! I am aware that my posts are a little off alignment wise with the rest of the page, but Im too tired right now to fool around with it. Ill fix it later. It was a busy, crappy day at work. Blah. So the theme tweaking can wait. Legs... tired.

I stole Mimmis clock, ladies and gentleman. Cause I didnt want to be the only one who didnt have one. [/peer pressure]

Because we demand more Firefly

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