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Sunday, October 8, 2006

October 08, 2006

Lost in the woodsUrgh, itís 4am and I just got up to get ready for work, how criminal is that? Boo, I want to go back to bed. Oh well, I wasnít sleeping very well anyway. And why is that? For a couple of reasons, one, Iím so not used to trying to go to bed and getting up this early. And two, right after I went to bed, the hubby comes in with disturbing news.

Itís about one of our close friends. And I really canít talk about it, although I want to, but not yet. Just cause I think Iím still shocked itís happening. And I donít believe it; itís just not possible. He just, he would never. I lived with this boy on campus for years, and Iím just rather speechless, and disturbed. I know this makes no sense to read, what so ever. And Iím sorry, Iím just shocked, disturbed, and a bit in denial. And well, I guess instead of babbling about something I havenít told you about, Iíll just end the post here.

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