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Saturday, August 19, 2006

August 19, 2006

H/Hr shipperIt’s been another while; I suppose I should post something. =P What I have been doing this week, nothing excessively brilliant. I did, however, get the main page of my new site finished. Petie pwns us all, just deal with it. Thank you again for your help! You can view the main page with the link below. Obviously, the other pages haven’t been built yet, so the links won’t take you anywhere. =P


The site is going to be a graphics goodie place with icons, sig banners, and pre-made layouts for people to download. There are some talented layout makers here on the O contributing to the layout section. It should be good. ^__^ And I’ll be sending a PM to you ladies I’ve already asked either today or tomorrow with more specifics about it.

Want your art displayed?

I am, however, going to need more avatars and banners. I’d like this site to host a collection of graphics from many different people. Our own little myO collective, if you will. So if you would be interested in donating some of your graphics for display, feel free to PM me. You’ll get full credit for your work and I will host the images for you. I’m afraid I do reserve the right to decide what will be displayed, as this is a site for high quality graphics. But there’s no harm in trying to get your stuff displayed, is there? And I know there are many of you talented in this area. The only requirements for icons and banners is this.

  • Avatars need to be 100x100, no other sizes.
  • Sig banners can be any size. But they do need to have "white-satin.net" on them somewhere, it doesn’t have to be glaringly obvious. Just subtle. We want people to know where a person got it, so they’ll find the site and download more of your graphics.

    As for content. Avatars and banners can be on any subject you like, movies, anime, actors, books… whatever you want. Just remember that people will probably download avatars and such on subjects they are familiar with, over others.

    There will also be an artist section with profiles of all the artist who have donated to the site. So snap to it my little graphic making chickadees! We can make this a wonderful collective site. Don’t be afraid to submit your stuff!
  • Because we demand more Firefly

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