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Monday, August 7, 2006

August 7, 2006

This is a SHANNY EASTER EGG! If you found it, PM me and Ill, I dunno, make something for you.Yesterday was the crap of a day. It was so busy at work. By the end of those days, I really just hate people in general. Its nothing personal to any one person, I just despise the whole population. Heh. And Ive slept really, really bad the last, oh what, three nights. And before that I was up late for a couple. So I can feel the lack of good sleep wearing at me. Im tired. I want to fall over.

And apparently I have the words push over wrote on my forehead. I had my fair share of impatient asshole customers yesterday. But being at work I have to bit my tongue before I respond back to them and tell the exactly how it is. That annoys me; I dont like not being able stand up to them. *sigh*

Whoever thought of the phrase the daily grind should be shot. Although that is a very good coffee shop.

More of The Wine Cone

And just cause he cheers me up, more of The Wine Cone. Anyone who uses an instant messenger should watch this, its hilarious. And come on thats most of us. It is sort of long, but if you dont want to sit and watch it, you can always let it play and listen to him while you are blogging, its what I do.

No lovins today, Im in a bad mood. Well continue tomorrow.

Because we demand more Firefly

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