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Saturday, August 5, 2006

August 5, 2006

You light me upUrg, I slept like shit last night and now I feel like it. Boo. Before I forget to mention it, there are quite a few padawans I have to add to the crèche and a couple of masters as well. I’m very pleased with that. I just haven’t gotten around to adding the new potentials, so I’m very sorry to the people waiting. The Crèche needs updating anyway, with more stuff added to it, but I am going to hold off on that for a little while. The Crèche is going to be moving locations shortly and I might as well give it a major overhaul while I’m at it.

And for any that know what I’m talking about, I am trying something different today. How about we celebrate? Remember the good. Always.

NightBeck’s Love

It’s time for some more lovin’ and it’s Beck’s turn. NightBeck, Beck, Kaiya-sama… Beckles… ah, my own little Hikari. Just that thought brings a smile to my face. Cause that’s what Beck does, is make people smile, whether she realizes it or not. She’s my little light for that reason. In fact, she’s probably many people’s shinning light. Just the thought of her can make ya smile; she’s seriously that infectious.

Heh, I remember the first time I meet Beckles around the O; she stalked me from ff.net over to the otaku. *loves her* One of the things that drew me to her, and still does is her sunny personality. You don’t find too many really sunny people left. The type that just radiates life. Being around her makes you want to be happy as well. She’s that radiant. How could you not treasure someone that has that gift? It’s something I admire about her and strive to imitate, if but a little. And she’s a wonderful writer. Anyone who has the chance should read her stuff, you won’t be disappointed.

Now some of you may wonder how we could be a Yami/Hikari pair. Well I’ll tell you. To start off, we share a lot of the same interests, pretty boys, writing, reading, being silly [heh, how THAT came into creation, I might add]. I think Beck and I hit it off well from the get go. She may seem like a push over, heh, but get her mad enough and you’ll find different. She’s not above defending herself and her friends. But she’s got that radiance remember? Something I don’t have. She far outshines me. The light to my dark. Get it? I wouldn’t be complete without it.

So my Hikari, this lovings for you. You make me smile. Your bubbliness and affection are infectious, in so many good ways. I don’t mind at all to stay in the dark as long as I can bask in your light.

And even though she can fend for herself, as her Yami, if you upset her, I’ll have to kick your ass. =P

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