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Thursday, July 20, 2006

July 20, 2006

Time: 12:00 am
Mood: Ready for bed

Integra/AlucardMan, it finally stormed yesterday and cooled it down a bit. Okay, not much, but anything’s welcome, right? It finished storming right before I left work to come home, so I’m glad I didn’t have to drive through it. There were tree branches in the road and debris everywhere, ha ha ha and one of the tree branches landed on a car. Erm, I shouldn’t laugh, that’s horrible. It was like a maze trying to get home. Apparently the wind was gusting up past 60mph. It’s still really humid out though, blah for living in the south.

New theme

The new Hellsing theme is up. Heh, it started with a classier looking pic of Alucard that was going to make the whole theme a romantic sort of one. It was fine, had some nice brown and tan tones to it, but I lost motivation, so then I went for a simpler look this time. And all the redness was born, and before I finished it became a goofy Alucard theme. So for any of you die hard Hellsing fans, how about we just have fun with it, eh? Cause really, when is Alucard ever serious about anything. XP

The music

Heh, and I know this song annoys the hell out of some people, but I happen to like it, yo. So deal with it. XD Because Alucard is a sexy bitch. I’ll probably end up rotating it through some Hellsing songs eventually anyway. Can you even say that together? Eventually and anyway?

Well I think that’s it for today, I can’t think of anything else. =P Although it feels like I’ve forgotten something, hmm.

I'm too SEXY for my CAT

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