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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Updated: Sat. July 01
Mood: Blah

AerithI feel like crap. It was one of those nights where I just couldnt sleep. And now Im up early, and hate it. Boo.

I dont really have to much else to say right now, so Im just going to point out some of Danys sites.

[Artificial Kisses] This is a html/css help site and also a place where you can request site layouts for your myO page. A great site for new members.

[Revolutionists] A great site for anyone really. This is a new group to join on the O here. Youll have to the intro for more info. Its a group for people who like to revolutionize things, be it art, graphics, layouts, whatever.


And as always, the mentors program needs padawans. You dont necessarily have to be a newbie to be a padawan. Just anyone who feels like they need help with the whole blog scene. If you have trouble making new friends and are somewhat of a hermit, a master might be able to help you come out of your shell as well.

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Shakespeare : Richard III, I:4

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