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Friday, June 30, 2006

Updated: Fri. June 30
Mood: Enjoying the sun

AerithHoly crap, the crèche has its first padawan posted, check her out [here]. Heh, alright you horde of masters, don’t hurt the poor girl now. =P

What else? Oh yes, you graphically inclined people, if anyone would like to make and contribute banners, of various sizes to the crèche, please feel free. I’m making a banners page for it, so that people can display them for a little advertisement. I’ll host the banners for you, and you’ll get the credit for making them, of course.


In other news, I’m so glad to see the sun shining! It’s been down pouring for days here. It rained 8.5 inches here in four days. Do you know how much frackin rain that is?? That’d be like, over 7 feet of snow. The rivers are starting to flood, people are dying in flash floods, and some communities have had to be evacuated because of flooding. The ground is so saturated. So finally, the sun! But it’s still really humid and hot, so it’s not helping to dry things out with all the moisture.

I was driving to work the other day, and there were a couple of inches of water flowing down the road like a little river, it was scary. o_O It really doesn’t take that much to sweep car tires out from under you.

I haven’t been around to sites lately either, cause my computer died for a while. The power source fried itself… and it was NEW, oaijfoewiddd.

Shadow: I was going to make your banner when I promised I’d do it, but the power source on my computer fried. Like literally, that was a little scary also. I bought a new one though, and John put it in. Thankfully, it didn’t fry my motherboard when it went, so my computer is back up and running.

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